Having identified suitable machinery during 2006/2007, the pole division was established. This division focuses on large scale infrastructure projects conducted by municipalities, other government agencies, developers and contractors both in South Africa and abroad. The pole plant has been a great success and in 2013 an additional factory bay of +-5000m² was erected on the Industria site to make accommodation for the ever increasing need for street light, transmission & traffic signal Poles.
Our other product offerings include:

Surveillance Camera Poles

Knowledge, competence and qualifications

Poles are manufactured by Geo Stott according to client’s specific requirements or specifications. The division hold several large contracts with various metropolitan municipalities and also supplies to developers and contractors on a project by project basis. Our Poles are signed off by a Structural Engineer and are held in high regard in for SAFETY and QUALITY. We have an outstanding track record of completing large and complex deliveries on time.
For more detailed and technical information please refer to the contacts page where our experts are standing by to discuss your Pole Specific needs.