NuMill Wooden Pole Stubs

Power Line Maintenance Solutions


What is the Numill Pole Stub System? 

  • Patented, tested and Eskom approved stubbing solution.
  • It’s a preventative and corrective system used as an alternative for full pole replacement.
  • Numill Stubbing is an permanent solution.
  • The Numill system is a complete pole maintenance package and includes:-

          - Designed and manufactured by George Stott.

          - Onsite proof load Testing / Reporting.

          - Pole stubbing.

          - Certification.

          - Installer development under a centrally controlled quality and project management team.


NuMill Stub - Class 3




NuMill Stub - Class 4





  • LV distribution poles.
  • MV distribution poles.
  • 66kV wood pole transmission lines.
  • 132kV wood pole transmission lines.
  • Pole planting on/over rocky areas where auguring isn’t possible.




How does it function?

  • A degraded wooden pole is identified by means of NDT testing.
  • Depending on the classification and pole size a suitable class stub is selected.
  • The stub is placed perpendicular to the line direction and anchored by means of grouted ground anchors.
  • Once the anchors have been tested to a Proof load (80kN) the stub brackets are mounted and then fastened.



New Product – Rocky areas

 Stubs for Rock areas.





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