Prop Division

During 2005, Geo Stott opened a temporary mine roof support prop manufacturing plant. This plant produces anywhere between 10,000 to 15,000 mining props per month for MPROPS (PTY) Ltd, who specialise in on-going technological development of steel mechanical props for use as TEMPORARY SUPPORT IN HARDROCK MINING OPERATIONS.
On-going technological development in support design has created the highly proficient steel mechanical prop known as the CAMLOK. CAMLOK’s are used extensively throughout the South African gold and platinum mining industry and are widely regarded as the standard in temporary support. A comprehensive range of CAMLOK’s satisfy a variety of support requirements, including.

MPROPS supplies a range of mining support systems and accessories:

Standard Camlok
Safety Camlok
Hydro Camlok
Camlok Headboards

Knowledge, competence and qualifications

Since 1983, M PROPS has specialized in the field of temporary support in hardrock mining operations. The division’s singular focus in this field has resulted in a reputation for innovation, quality and service.


M PROPS remains committed to the further advancement of temporary support systems, in an endeavour to satisfy mining requirements and ensure the safety of miners at the work face. Our manufacturing and technical workforce are highly experienced and qualified. Welding operatives are fully coded for MMA, MIG and TIG welding with considerable experience of NDT tested welds inspected by Dye Pen, MPI and ultrasonic process. The fabrication of CAMLOK’s requires high levels of knowledge and experience, competence and qualification.
We therefore include in our products & services:
Our products are held in high regard by mining houses for SAFETY, quality and technical innovation. We have an outstanding track record of completing large and complex deliveries on time.
For more detailed and technical information please visit our website at or refer to the contacts page where our experts are standing by to discuss your mining needs.