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The Product:

The best ideas are the simplest. Simple to use, simple in function. Or simply good. What has worked horizontally in walls for decades.

KRINNER has successfully turned vertical: Ground screws for modern foundations without concrete.

Simply drive them in – and you're done. This ingenious idea saves not only time and money, but also spares resources and allows entirely new possibilities in design.  



The Advantages:

-> Time and cost benefits.
-> Suitable for all types of firm ground.
-> Statically tested and proven.
-> No earthworks or concrete pouring.
-> Short installation time.
-> Immediately loadable.
-> Quick changes of position.
-> Terrain remains undamaged
-> Can also be installed into. sealed surfaces.
-> Easily to dismantle and reusable.
-> Long life and high stability.
-> Environmentally friendly, ecological, sustainable.


Environmental policy:

KRINNER commits itself to make resources available for necessary measures and to support the requirements of environmental management.


We do this by:
-> Promoting the use of high quality, regional and environmentally sound products.
-> Selecting and using environmentally safe equipment and materials.
-> Saving energy and water.
-> Reducing waste quantities through selected procurement and reasonable waste separation.
-> Adherence to environmental regulations.
-> Continuous improvement of our environmental performance.
-> Covering our own electricity consumption with renewable energy sources.


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