Overhead Line Hardware

George Stott and Company is the largest and most experienced overhead line component manufacturer in Africa.

Based in Johannesburg, we provide electrification utilities, electrical wholesalers and end-users with the large variety of steel overhead line hardware components that is needed in the completion of electrification, telecommunication and railway overhead lines.

The company prides itself in its ability to assist any client no matter how large or small on their specific requirements and comes from the fact that we manufacture in a "jobbing" environment were products are manufactured exactly to client requirements. From small single end-users to the major infrastructure projects we have the capacity and know-how to supply you with the correct material and on time to complete the job at hand.

Our basic product offering consist out of several hundred different Eskom specification items used in low, medium and high voltage electrical distribution lines. A large range of this product has been intensively tested and approved by Eskom.

We also supply products that has been tested to conform to Nampower, Botswana Power Corporation, Swaziland Electricity Company, Tanesco and several other power utilities' standards.

Were sufficient volume allows, we can manufacture almost any type of overhead line hardware to your specifications.

Feel free to contact us with your specific requirements and we'll provide you with a designed technical and commercial offer which will be right for you.


Below are a couple of popular products we manufacture and supply:-


Stay rods


Stay rods are used in the staying of electrification, telecommunication and railway electrification poles. Non adjustable stay rods are mostly used in conjunction with preformed wire products while adjustable stay rods allows for easy re-tensioning during the course of ongoing maintenance.

Stay baseplates


Stay base plates are used in conjunction with stay rods. The size and thickness of which varies depending on soil conditions and load being supported by the stay rods. Various shapes are also produced with the most common being square. octagonal and round.


Eyebolts are produced in round and oval patterns to various lengths and diameters. Common sizes include M20x250mm and M16x200mm. Length and diameter can be manufactured according to your specifications.

Hip Stay assemblies

Where access for a full 45degree stay wire is not possible, hip stay assemblies are used to stay, especially, end of line poles. The hip stay depicted here is an Eskom standard, however it is possible to produce hip stays according to your specific requirements.

LV stay straps

The stay assembly is are attached to the LV wooden pole by means of the LV stay bracket. A large quantity of LV stay brackets are usually stocked and ready for immediate shipment.


Pole top brackets


Strain cross arms


Wire thimbles


Threaded rod

Threaded rod is supplied in M8,M12,M16,M20,M24 diameters to a variety of lengths. Any combination of washers and nuts is possible. Threaded rod is either hot dipped galvanized or electroplated.

A-frame cross arms

aframe crossarm

Channel / Angle iron cross arms




leadhead spindle

We manufacture and carry a stock of a variety of insulator spindles.

Strut pole bracket

strutpole bracket

Strut pole brackets are used to on termination poles to connect a 45 degree wooden pole to the upright in an easy and convient fashion. A variety of different designs are manufactured.

Pole Stubby


Pole stubbies are a patented George Stott product which is used to support damaged wooden distribution poles instead of replaceing and redressing the line. Stubbies are cost effective and increase the lifespan of the current pole with up to 25 years. Read more clicking here.



Bolts & Nuts