Foundation Solutions

This business unit specialises in the manufacturing and installation of innovative and environmentally friendly steel foundation systems. Various foundation projects in the telecommunications, civil, and mining industries has been successfully completed since its inception and the unit continues to find innovative ways to use steel as a foundation system in-lieu of concrete.
The foundation solutions that are offered have become increasingly popular in all major industry sectors mainly due to the many benefits enjoyed by avoiding or minimising the use of concrete. The benefits are as follows: Significant reduction of project construction time; Reduced inconvenience to public; Ease of installation; reducing plant requirements and workforce; Remote locations accessed; Carbon Footprint minimised; Minimal environmental legacy; Eradicate dig and dump mentality; reduced risk to workforce; Ease of demolition; quickly and easily removed.
Foundation solutions that we offer:
  • Micro-Piles, Screw Piles & Large Capacity Steel Piles
  • Structure Support Grillages
  • Foundation Underpinning Brackets
  • Numill Pole Stubs
  • Urban Area Pole Stub
  • Ground Screw Foundation System

Micro-Piles, Screw Piles & Large Capacity Steel Piles

Steel piles can be loaded up to 100 tons in tension and compression & are easy and quick to install. Biggest benefit is that loading can immediately be applied to them after installation, therefore drastically reducing project lead times by eliminating concrete curing times.

Structure support grillages

Structure Support Grillage is an economical foundation constructed of steel beams and used when heavy structural loads from columns, piers or stanchions are required to be transferred to a soil of low bearing capacity.

Foundation underpinning brackets

This solution is a repair process that strengthens foundations which have been weakened by a variety of factors. Foundation underpinning repairs and/or reinforces the area underneath the load of the foundation. Not all types of foundation damages can be repaired via underpinning strategies. This repair method is only required if the foundation cannot fully support the structure which rests upon it.

Numill pole stubs

The Numill Stub (Patent No. 2000/4844) was developed to address the problem of decaying poles. The product is designed to support a pole without disturbing the existing pole foundation in any manner. The Numill Stub is used for the class 3 and class 4 poles.
The Numill Stub unit provides the means by which the life of a decayed pole (typically class 3 & 4) can be extended by 10 to 15 years. Installation can be performed without any line outages needed, and also provides a solution for line construction in areas where drilling rigs cannot gain access thus preventing loss of revenue. This unit can be removed if and when a supported pole is to be replaced. The Stub unit can therefore be used repeatedly in different locations thus providing long term cost savings.
A large range of this product has been intensively tested and approved by Eskom. Contracts of supply and installation have been successfully completed in Eskom’s Gauteng and North West Operating Unit.

Ground screw foundation system

Ground Screws offer the ideal solution for creating foundations for an extensive range of applications such as mounting of advertising structures, traffic installations, hall and container building construction, fencing, event stands, flagpoles, fencing and gate systems, and much more.
The high load capacity of the ground screws and their efficient installation allow architects and building owners to produce a modern, long-lasting foundation with clear economic advantages.

Knowledge, competence and qualifications

Geo Stott has an outstanding track record of completing complex and technically demanding large projects. Please view some of our projects below:
  • The Installation of 197 Screw-Piles complete with associated grillages for the Namakwa sands, UMM Dry Mag Project.
  • 20m self supporting tower installed with helical screw pile anchoring system in Johannesburg.
  • 25, 30, 35 METRE TOWERS installed with helical screw pile anchoring system in Namibia.
  • The Installation of 27 Ground Screws complete with supporting structures for the Sun Star on Signal Hill in Cape Town.
  • The Installation of Pole Stubs on Wooden Poles in the North West, Gauteng & Western Cape.
For more detailed and technical information please visit our contacts page where our experts are standing by to discuss your Foundation Solution requirements.