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Krinner The Ground Screw is an Imported German technology "ECO Friendly - State of the Art foundation solutions"


The best ideas are the simplest. Simple to use, simple in function. Or simply good.

  • What has worked horizontally in walls for decades, KRINNER has successfully turned vertical: Ground screws for modern foundations without concrete. Simply drive them in – and you’re done.
  • This ingenious idea saves not only time and money, but also spares resources and allows entirely new possibilities in design.
  • The process of excavation, concreting and refilling has been replaced by KRINNER Ground Screws-revolutionizing modern foundation construction. The innovative substitution of concrete with the screw concept does not merely simplify the process in construction but moreover features economic and environmental benefits.



Efficient • No concrete • Durable • Safe • Sustainable • Quicker • Individual • Competent • Comprehensive • Versatile • Flexible

















Helical Screw Piles 

  • Helical screw piles are manufactured in a ISO 9001:2008 certified facility and we custom manufacture each and every pile to suit our customers application. We use only quality materials and modern equipment so you can depend on us to be efficient and professional.
  • Foundation Systems is a division of George Stott and Company (Pty) Ltd.
  • Every one of our staff members is dedicated to refining all of our processes and providing our customers with the best service and a quality product. Screw piling is what we do; it’s all we want to do.




  • Steel screw piles are an emerging technology that continues to capture market share from driven and concrete piles because of its many advantageous.
  • This expanding technology is slowly gaining acceptance in the engineering community.
  • To learn more about the technical aspect of our products and services, please visit our frequently asked questions page, our list of technical literature, or contact our office directly.
  • If you are looking to compare conventional driven piles or concrete piles to screw piles for a future project, please contact us.








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