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KRINNER was granted Innovation Award for its Groundscrews

In Tucson, Arizona, the Krinner company received the prestigious 2013 NOVA Award from the Construction Innovation Forum (CIF) for its Groundscrew technology.


Formed in 1987, the CIF is an international, non-profit organization that encourages and recognizes construction innovations. “"Each year, the NOVA Awards honor top innovations in construction from around the world that increase quality, efficiency and reduce cost," said Rasha Stino, CIF Vice Chair. "An expert jury carefully selects award-winning innovations with the assistance of leading engineers serving as investigators.” To date, more than 700 nominations for the NOVA Award have been received from more than 20 countries.
Krinner is an international operating company with headquarters in Germany, a Canadian subsidiary and represented worldwide through a vast network of partners. Its product, the Krinner Groundscrew, could particularly convince the jury that this foundation method is a safe, efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional foundation methods using concrete. The Groundscrew technology does not seal the soil and allows dismantling the structure easily even after years. In addition, the product provides big advantages within the construction progress by reducing costs and saving time. The fields of application for Krinner Groundscrews are various: from timber-frame constructions, bill boarding, traffic sign posting, urban development and landscaping to fencing, hall or container construction to large scale photovoltaic installations the screws can be used to fix almost any structure to the ground.
Michael Krinner, President of Krinner North America, who represented the company at the award ceremony, was very pleased to be awarded with that prize. “We are honored to receive this year’s NOVA Award. Innovation is our tradition and permanent thrive, this is our company’s credo for years which keeps us always motivated in developing further innovations.”

In the field of ground mounted PV-installation Krinner offers a wide range of highly specialized products and services based on its unique foundation system. With its solar system Krinner can provide individual solutions that so far have been used in about 1.5 GW of installed capacity worldwide.
Our latest innovations including the Flex V racking system for PV applications will be displayed on this year’s Solar Canada in Toronto.

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