100 Years of Manufacturing Tradition


 geostott officeJohannesburg based steel manufacturer, George Stott and Company this year celebrates its 100th year of continues operations at its factory in Johannesburg, South Africa. The company is perhaps now the country’s oldest and most varied steel manufacturing business.
The company was originally formed in 1911 by a Scottish immigrant and blacksmith, George Stott. Having recognized the need of forged steel components in the flourishing gold mining sector around the Witwatersrand, George Stott established the blacksmithing company in close proximity to what is now downtown, Johannesburg. The enormous growth of the city in subsequent years required the factory to move to its current premises in Industria West during the early 1960’s. Some streets in downtown Johannesburg still bear the name of Mr. Stott and reminds one of the fearless entrepreneurial spirit of that era which is still very much part of the company’s culture today.
Under subsequent leadership of three generations of the Stott family the company continued to grow through two World Wars, several financial depressions and considerable political turmoil adding and removing products lines as the times dictated. During the 1990’s, changing business realities within South Africa again transformed itself into one the largest and proficient black empowered steel manufacturers in the South Africa.

Today, George Stott and Company is a fully empowered business with significant HDI ownership and management. The company consist of several manufacturing division and subsidiaries and it continues to produce an assortment of products used in industries domestically and internationally. The company has a fully implemented ISO9001:2008 management system and BBBEE certification.  Due to the continued entrepreneurial spirit of its founder the company finds itself in a very strong financial situation with healthy growth throughout the market collapse of 2009 and subsequent strong Rand.

Active market sectors vary significantly and include ares such as mining, petrochemicals, railways, power, telecommunications, municipalities and parastatals.

Over the last 100 years the company had the opportunity to explore and master various production processes such as hot rolling of structural sections, open, closed and upset forged components, pressings and light to heavy steel fabrications. The products manufactured by the company are found in some of the deepest mines on the Witwatersrand to the newly developed mega-mines in Western Australia, as components in power lines lighting up new industries and towns from Ghana to Kenya and more recently the streetlights and traffic signal poles across the metropoles of Southern Africa.

The recent acquisition of MM&G Mining and Engineering (PTY) Ltd. has seen the company venture into the arena of heavy steel fabrications with abundant success. Recent projects in the scope of several thousand tons of fabricated structures, including a time critical project for the Moses Madiba stadium in Durban, has proven that the company is capable of expanding and growing into new and unexplored market sectors successfully even during the difficult economic situation and as a result strong competition for projects. Current projects are varied in nature filling the need for technically demanding structural steel fabrications on major infrastructure projects such as the Medupe Power station, new mine developments in the Democratic Republic of Congo and gas processing plants in Mozambique.

The export market has grown substantially in recent times with several billion dollars’ worth of donor funding being released into African countries to assist them in reaching their UN mandated Millennium Development Goals. Significant involvement in several multi-million Dollar contracts in the power sector has solidified our involvement in the power sector and we are very up-beat about the future of this sector for continued and sustainable growth.

Business challenges are as challenging as ever and we therefore continue to explore every opportunity to modernize our production, engineering and logistics processes to remain relevant in the global marketplace. The fact that we have a strong growing export market proves that the company has remained price competitive with a high quality product against subsidised factories based in countries such and India and China.

Major local challenges remain the ever stringent labour laws, dramatic increases in the cost of services and the influx of subsidised and substandard goods from competing exporting countries. Through our industry associations and affiliations we seek to engage government and unions with a sensible perspective on these issues which we believe will result in a positive outcome for our country and economy.

George Stott and Company is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company active in local and export markets and offers a wide spectrum of manufactured steel components and products.